Student Parking Policy

Student Parking Policy

1. A portion of the general student fees will be allocated yearly for student parking in the Fall semester/Term. All students who wish to have student parking must have a valid parking sticker. These stickers are available at orientation for Students at the College.

2. Student parking for all Level I students is designated in the South Alternative Surface Lots.

3. Student parking for Level II students if they choose to pay to park there is designated in the Medical Office Centre garage which can be accessed on Union Street. Students may ONLY park on the 7th and 8th floors and never on any other floors. If a student does not comply with these requirements, parking privileges will be suspended or revoked.

4. Security escorts are available to and from the Medical Office Center garage and/or the alternative lots by calling 315-448-5173. On-street parking is also available however it is the responsibility of the student to abide by all metered signs and payment. Students may never park in “A” or “M” lot.

5. This arrangement is subject to change based on space availability. Students will be given ample notice if the policy changes. In addition, students must abide by all posted parking rules and regulations in the garage or alternative parking lots. If they do not, parking privileges may be revoked by Security, garage staff, or college administration.

6. Students provided with handicapped parking accommodations must possess a New York State or County Handicapped Parking Permit. Temporary requests for handicapped parking must be supported, in writing, by the requesting parties’ provider specifically indicating the need for temporary parking accommodations.

7. When students are required to attend clinical at outside agencies, it is the students’ responsibility to pay for daily parking or obtain a discounted monthly pass. In no way, does the student parking fee cover this expense.

St. Joseph's is not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.

I have read the above parking rules and agree to abide by them.